Films Every Movie Critic Should Have Seen

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Good movie critics needs to have perspective when trying to offer an opinion about a particular film. There are a few films that every movie critic should see if he or she expects to be taken seriously. Here is a look at those films.

“The Godfather”: Often considered one of the best films ever made, the movie has defined much of what makes up modern cinema. It is probably best for the critic to see the entire “Godfather” series, even though the third film is much weaker than the first two.

“Citizen Kane”: This is Read more…

Top 10 Most Innovative Films of All Time

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When it comes to enjoying a great movie night with some friends, nothing beats kicking back and watching one of the great American classics.

The smell of the popcorn only adds to the desire to sit back and get lost in the thrills of a new adventure a great movie provides. For the longest time, movies use to simply be black and white and pretty much simple. But these days, movies have begun breaking molds thanks to new technologies.

But what exactly is considered a classic? Without a doubt, there have been Read more…

Top 10 Most Innovative Films of the 2000s

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With the recent surge of technology in moving making there is no doubt that movies have changed and really been taken to another level. From advances in computer graphics to storylines that are nothing short of remarkable movies have had a major overhaul over the past 10 years. Here are the 10 most innovative films since the year 2000.

10 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
When it comes to creativity this movie stands alone and many films since then have tried to Read more…

Best Movie Night EVER

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When did going out to the movies get so darn expensive? If you’re like us, a night in with some wine and your direct tv packages sounds just as good as fighting the masses at the theater – here are a few recently released films that make for a great movie night at home:
30 Minutes or Less: If you’re in the mood for a comedy, this is Read more…

The Origins of Cinema: Early Film Shorts

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The very first films, made in the late 19th century, were shorts. At first they were viewed through peephole machines in arcades. Only one person at a time could use the peepholes. Later, these shorts were shown in vaudeville halls, then in theaters called nickelodeons. Nickelodeons sat around one hundred people and presented films of about fifteen minutes to an hour long. A live piano player would provide the music.

One of the most famous short films was the Lumiere brothers’ Arrival of a Train at a Station, made in 1895, which describes the action perfectly. Read more…

Famous Films that Almost Never Happened

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Movies are a way for people to escape from their lives for a few hours. They provide entertainment, fun, and sometimes eye-opening experiences to the viewers. Everyone has a favorite movie or a handful of movies that they love to watch and most people know the names of some of the most successful movies ever made.

However, there are a number of famous films that almost never happened. Some of these films include the Oscar nominated movie ‘The Fighter’ starring Christian Read more…

Old Hollywood Classics You Probably Missed

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One of the best old Hollywood classics most likely to be missed is probably Preston Sturges’ “Sullivan’s Travels” (1941.) This old film starred Joel McCrea, who was, unfortunately, not seen in more popular or profitable films of the time. McCrea played a film director named Sullivan who made many mindless, yet profitable comedies.

While his studio urges him to continue, Sullivan wishes to become socially aware and live as a homeless man and make a documentary about it. As he does this, he meets a woman, played by Veronica Lake, who came to Hollywood to Read more…

Indie Films That Should Have Made it Big

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An Indy film that should have made it big was Being John Malkovich. This Indy film was written by the legendary Charlie Kaufman. It follows the interesting life of actor John Malkovich. This movie captured the hearts of its viewers due to a very unorthodox style. The plot was so confusing that it instantly becomes intriguing. You are curious as to what you are watching and what is real and what isn’t.

Being John Malkovich was a work of art, the lighting, the dialogue, and the acting coalesced to produce one of the finest films ever Read more…